You’ll be amazed how much money you’ll save when you buy beautiful, wholesale orchids online at FlowerFarm. All of our fresh, bulk flowers are shipped directly from the farm to our customers, so you get the best flowers at the lowest wholesale prices. Shop online for gorgeous, wholesale orchids for your next corporate event, wedding or party.

Can You Buy Bulk Orchids Online?

Absolutely! No need to shop around to find wholesale orchids nearby, when they’re just a click away. FlowerFarm offers a variety of exotic orchids in bulk online that will ship directly to you from the farm where they’re grown. The orchid’s unique beauty and symmetrical color patterns make them a popular choice in wedding decor and bouquets. FlowerFarm carries some of the most coveted varieties of orchids including the Mokara, Cymbidium and Dendrobium – all in an array of stunning colors to suit any event!

How Much Do Wholesale Orchids Cost?

Orchids are one of the most expensive flowers to buy and ship due to their delicate propagation requirements. FlowerFarm saves you money on bulk orchids because they cut out the middleman and ship them straight to you direct from our farms. Our wholesale orchids can be purchased in bulk orders of 40, 60, 100, and even up to 300 flowers per box, with the unit price of each stem decreasing as your bulk order increases. Not only will your wedding or event look stunning adorned with cascading orchids, but you’ll save a lot when you purchase wholesale orchids from FlowerFarm. Our wholesale orchid prices also include shipping, so no need to worry about exorbitant shipping fees.

How to Buy Orchids in Bulk?

Once you’ve chosen your favorite varieties and colors of wholesale orchids online, select which bulk package suits your needs. Each orchid variety has several bulk ordering options so you can get the lowest wholesale price possible the more you order. Your bulk orchid purchase will then be shipped via UPS to ensure timely delivery. Customers not only love FlowerFarm for our incredible selection of high quality wholesale orchids, greens, mums and more, but because of our fast flower delivery. You’ll receive shipping and tracking information updates so you’ll know the exact location of your orchid order so your wedding, party or other event planning stays on track.