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Why is it Better to Buy Wholesale Lilies in Bulk?

Buying lilies in bulk online can save you a lot of money for your floral displays. Shopping for flower bouquets online can be pricey, especially if you want multiple bouquets or large displays for a party, wedding or your business. FlowerFarm cuts out the trip to the flower shop, allows you to order from the comfort of your home or business and offers customers a lower, wholesale flower price by shipping the flowers directly from the farm to you! You’ll get bulk lilies at the wholesale price, with shipping charges already included.

How Much Do Wholesale Lilies Cost?

FlowerFarm ships lilies in bulk order boxes of 40, 60, 80 or even 100+ stems, all for the lowest wholesale, farm-direct price. No need to wait for coupons, discounts or specials when you order bulk flowers online with FlowerFarm! While our varieties of lilies are sold at different price points, when you order wholesale lilies, the price per stem goes down for larger bulk orders. This means the more wholesale lilies, dahlias or asters you buy with us, the more you’ll save!

How to Buy Bulk Lilies?

FlowerFarm is your one-stop, online flower market that offers a wide variety of wholesale lilies you can purchase in bulk for the best prices available. All you need to do to order lilies in bulk online is to first select the type of lilies you want. FlowerFarm offers a distinctive variety of wholesale lilies such as starfighter lilies, oriental lilies and hybrid lilies from California, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Colombia in a vibrant array of color choices. Each variety of lily is available in different bulk configurations so you can tailor your flower order to your needs. All wholesale lilies and other bulk flowers from FlowerFarm are shipped directly to you via UPS, so you’ll receive your bulk lilies as quickly as possible.