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Find Wholesale Garden Roses Near Me

Buying bulk garden roses online from FlowerFarm saves you both time and money when you’re shopping for floral decorations for a wedding, anniversary celebration, engagement party or special event. Don’t waste your time shopping around to find a florist nearby who can get you a bulk delivery of garden roses that may or may not be in stock in their store. Local florists are likely to have very limited selections of flowers in their inventory, especially during different growing seasons. But when you shop for bulk flowers online with FlowerFarm, you don’t have to worry about flowers being in stock! Our high-quality wholesale garden roses, tulips, carnations and more ship directly from growers all over California and South America straight to you. You’ll find an exquisite array of old-fashioned bulk garden roses online at FlowerFarm in a range of shades of pink, purple, red, coral and white, so you can uniquely style your party decor, wedding bouquet or any special event to your specifications. We make sure it’s always growing season so you can find your favorite flowers all year long!

How Much Do Wholesale Garden Roses Cost?

Lavishing your wedding or party with incredible flower decor gives the whole event an elegant and festive ambiance. And when you shop with FlowerFarm, you’ll be happy to know we pass the savings on to you by shipping our fresh wholesale flowers directly from the farm with shipping charges already included in the wholesale price. You can save hundreds of dollars by purchasing wholesale garden roses in bulk from FlowerFarm, and still have your event decorations stand out for the memory books. Wholesale garden roses from FlowerFarm are available online in selections of 36, 48, or even 100 stems per bulk box, so you can customize your flower order to suit the needs of your event. The more flowers per box, the more you save per flower with the lowest wholesale flower price directly from the grower. After you see how much money you’ll save on high-quality wholesale garden roses from FlowerFarm, you’ll never find another wholesale flower company that ships faster or cheaper.

Wholesale Garden Roses in Bulk for Weddings and Parties

Garden roses, also known as old-fashioned roses, are extremely popular choices for wedding bouquets and centerpiece arrangements for parties due to their lush, oversized blossoms. When you order with FlowerFarm, the wedding of your dreams that’s awash with lush clouds of exquisite garden roses doesn’t have to exist only in your fantasies. At FlowerFarm, we make it easy and cost-effective to jam-pack your party decor with classic garden roses that match both your color scheme and budget. Garden roses are aesthetically stunning and add a lot of fullness and texture to any arrangement, so you don’t have to use as many flowers to really make your bouquet have that wow-factor. Our wholesale garden roses are priced in bulk orders with shipping charges already included, so there’s no need to worry about extra-large flower orders breaking the bank with outrageous shipping costs. Plan the wedding of your dreams and pack it with garden roses and any other flower you’ve always dreamed of, like asters and orchids. FlowerFarm can help you make it happen for less.

How to Buy Garden Roses in Bulk Online

Buying garden roses in bulk for your party or wedding is as easy as clicking a button in the comfort of your home or business. FlowerFarm offers a diverse selection of wholesale flowers online, including magnificent garden roses, gerberas and hydrangeas that will help make any special event more memorable. Once you’ve chosen the garden roses that match the color scheme of your event, you can select different bulk package options depending on your flower needs. You can order wholesale garden roses in bulk with as few as 36 roses per box or as many as 100 flowers per box. FlowerFarm ships all of our bulk flowers via UPS, so our customers have access to the fastest, cheapest bulk flower delivery around without additional delivery charges for large orders. Even flowers shipped from South America will ship within three days! No matter what kind of party or event you need styled with fresh flowers, FlowerFarm offers the best selection of distinctive flowers shipped directly from the growers with the savings and quality delivered to you.