Add a vibrant splash of color to any party or celebration with a colorful array of bulk tulips delivered directly to your door courtesy of FlowerFarm. The classic beauty and splendor of tulips make them a favorite when it comes to decorating for special occasions that range from weddings to graduations, baby showers, anniversary parties and beyond. Tulips are cultivated in every color of the rainbow, which makes them the perfect flower to incorporate into any decoration scheme imaginable. FlowerFarm ships wholesale tulips directly from the farm to you. Order your wholesale tulips today and see why flowers straight from the grower makes all the difference!

Where Can I Buy Tulips in Bulk?

It can be difficult to find tulips in bulk at your local flower shops due to their short growing seasons. Tulips are usually the first flowers to bloom in spring, symbolizing new beginnings, rebirth and perfect love. It’s no wonder then that tulips are popular wedding and anniversary flowers! Tulips are that first pop of color that makes us happy after a long winter, reminiscent of that exciting buzz we feel with our perfect love! Unfortunately, if your love of tulips surpasses the springtime months and you want to incorporate an abundance of them into your wedding flowers or special event decorations, you may be hard-pressed to find enough bulk tulips in stock. Luckily, FlowerFarm erases all of those obstacles for snagging your favorite flowers by shipping our customers wholesale tulips in bulk directly from the growers. Our online selection of wholesale tulips at FlowerFarm makes it fast and easy for you to have bulk tulips shipped to you so your party or wedding will be festively bedecked with beautiful, elegant tulips.

Can You buy Bulk Tulips Online?

When you want to adorn your wedding or party with gorgeous tulips as the focal point of the decor, it’s important that you find high quality flowers for the best price. However, shopping around for local flower vendors can be exhausting and time-consuming, and you still may end up not finding what you want. FlowerFarm eliminates all this by offering you a huge selection of wholesale tulips in bulk online, shipped to you straight from the farms in California, Holland and the Netherlands. Our growers cultivate stunning tulips all year long in vibrant shades of red, pink, white, yellow, orange and purple so you can tailor your order to match your color scheme and budget. When you buy your wholesale tulips in bulk online with FlowerFarm, you’ll never have to worry about short supplies of flowers due to a local growing season. Get the bulk flowers you want at the right price any time of the year with just the click of a button online with FlowerFarm.

How Much Do Wholesale Tulips Cost?

Not only is buying bulk tulips from FlowerFarm more convenient, but it’s also more affordable than buying tulips in bulk from any other source available. Most flower shops have a limited amount of flowers they keep on hand during any particular season, and whatever they don’t have in the shop will have to be shipped to them from another store or grower. But this isn’t the case when you shop with FlowerFarm. All of our available options are inventoried on our easy-to-use website, so you can choose the exact wholesale flowers you want online from the comfort of your home or business. FlowerFarm saves you both time and money on your bulk tulip orders, and we do it by shipping our bulk tulips, roses, snapdragons and every other stem directly from the growers, passing our amazing savings onto you. You can order assorted color tulip bunches in a vibrant array of red, orange, yellow, white, pink and purple tulips with as many as 17 bunches of tulips per box. If your party calls for a more specific color scheme, FlowerFarm also offers solid-colored bulk tulip orders with as many as 170 red, white or purple tulips per box so you can tailor your flower order to match your needs. You’ll save a lot on your order when you take advantage of FlowerFarm’s wholesale flower prices. And, as an added bonus, our bulk flower prices already include shipping fees, so there’s no need to worry about hefty shipping costs breaking your budget for larger orders.

How to Buy Tulips in Bulk

It’s easy to buy bulk tulips online at FlowerFarm so you can decorate your wedding or party with dazzling sprays of your favorite flowers, whether you’re searching for tulips, gerbera daisies, flower petals or any number of our other amazing offerings. Simply peruse our online selection of wholesale tulips to choose which colors or styles work for you. Since FlowerFarm ships our wholesale bulk tulips directly from the growers to our customers, you’ll actually pay less for bulk tulip orders ordered online. Each price for bulk wholesale tulips includes the number of flowers or bunches you will receive, with the shipping charges already included in the price, so you’ll know exactly how many flowers you can get to suit your budget. Once you’ve selected your tulips, FlowerFarm ships all of our fresh flower orders via UPS so you get the fastest bulk flower delivery in the industry. Even our overseas growers ship your order within days of receiving it! UPS also offers updated shipping information on your bulk tulip order so you never have to guess if your flowers will be delivered in time for your event. Your tulips will arrive fresh, beautiful and ready for your event!

Wholesale Tulips in Bulk for Weddings and Parties

When you’re throwing a party or a wedding, you want to focus on the magic of the event, not worrying about decorations. Fresh flowers like graceful tulips will elevate your party decor to truly give the event an elegant aura of celebration. That’s why FlowerFarm is committed to delivering the freshest flowers in bulk so you can have a plethora of your ideal floral decorations for your wedding or other special event and give it the ambiance you’ve always dreamed of. You’ll save money and gain peace of mind knowing you’re getting high quality flowers for the lowest wholesale flower prices in the industry. Shipping wholesale tulips in bulk from FlowerFarm guarantees low, wholesale prices, as well as speedy delivery and farm fresh flowers that will make any event memorable. If you are not satisfied with your flower order, FlowerFarm will work with you directly to quickly replace any unsatisfactory flowers so your special day can go off without a hitch. Get your wholesale tulips in bulk online from FlowerFarm today, and adorn your special celebration with the exquisite beauty that only fresh flowers can bring.