Have you ever had that “something’s missing” feeling? Lush and versatile garlands are often the unsung hero for event or home décor! Helping to pull a design together, wholesale garlands serve as a beautiful backdrop for decor artistry. Drape your Christmas garland along a banister and adorn with ornaments or lay a mixed eucalyptus garland down the center of your baby shower brunch tables and embellish with tea light candles and delicate blooms. FlowerFarm offers an exceptional selection of vibrant wholesale garlands online, perfect for any occasion.

How Much Do Wholesale Garlands Cost?

Bulk garlands are a wonderful way to make your home or event decor look festive and full. When it comes to pricing for wholesale garlands, a few factors come into play, including the garland’s length and fullness as well as the different types of greenery used. At FlowerFarm, we work closely with vendors to ensure the lowest prices for our wholesale garlands, and bonus! Shipping is included!

How to Buy Garlands in Bulk

Before purchasing your wholesale garlands, take time to determine the length and thickness needed. Are you wrapping a railing? Be sure to take into account the additional garland needed to go around the railing versus simply measuring the length of the railing. A thinner wholesale garland may be the better option to trim windows whereas thicker garland can be used for a wedding arbor. One other key element to consider is a garland’s tip count, which is the number of tips each greenery branch has. Bulk garlands with higher tip counts will appear denser while those with lower tip counts will look thinner and may require additional decoration to help fill in any gaps.

Can You Buy Bulk Garlands online?

Alongside our amazing selection of bulk roses, all our blue flower options and greens, FlowerFarm has a vast collection of gorgeous wholesale garlands online. Warm up a winter wonderland with a Christmas garland or bring a breath of freshness to an outdoor luncheon with our Italian and Israeli Ruscus garland. Choose from FlowerFarm’s luxurious wholesale garlands online to create your next stunning mantle or centerpiece display.

Find Wholesale Garlands Near Me

Bringing the best in bulk garlands right to your door, FlowerFarm eliminates the need to shop multiple stores by assembling a diverse mix of suppliers into a one-stop shop for lovely wholesale garlands. Browse our elegant array of impressive garlands from the convenience of your home or office. From online to onsite, FlowerFarm’s attention to detail and customer care is second to none!